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I don't think that we can blame Pres. Bush for the Colorado real estate housing market being in trouble. Everyone who puts out effort to work in this country deserves the right to buy a summit county homes . Unfortunately things go bad sometimes and good people lose good jobs, for whatever reasons, and get behind on bills, groceries, mortgages, etc... and this causes bad credit scores. Not everyone that has bad credit just decided one day to not pay their real estate bills. Many people have good reasons for not paying realty bills on time and they are punished by low credit scores resulting in having to go to the lending institutes with outrageously high interest rates for help. Summit county Foreclosure is a very stressful situation for the whole family. It is an awful feeling to know that you will lose your home to the highest bidder. I wish there was a law that protected people from Summit county foreclosures . They can put people in space but can't protect families facing foreclosure? They need help-- not insults. I would like to commend John Homes for his comments below. It seems that people are playing the blame game too often these days. I think it started when some Colorado real estate for having coffee that was too hot, followed by fat people suing fast food restaurants for making them fat, followed by people complaining about credit card companies for charging them fees to borrow their money. Now we have the new minion lenders that lend money to people to buy Summit County houses. You have to remember that the intelligence of the world is based on averages. This means that half of the world is above average, and half is below. If people are too stupid to manage their real estate finances and understand what they can or cannot afford, then they are in the bottom half. I enjoy being in the top half. I fall into the median income range, and am doing just fine. Everything is paid off except for my moderately priced house, on a 30 year fixed, principle and interest loan. Anthem benefits of a good education, teamed with common sense!

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